Protect your RIDE with the AL3RT GPS Tracking and Security System!  The advanced technology allows you to instantly track, locate and recover your powersport vehicle using any web-enabled device.  You'll get the piece of mind your looking for real-time with this GPS-based security and tracking system.  Locate - Monitor - Recover with AL3RT GPS!


Features & Benefits:

Simple, Easy to Use App

Theft Fence

Speed Alerts

Movement Notifications

Low Battery Notifications

Update every Two Minutes

4G LTE Network


After Hours Alerts

Doesn't Drain Battery

No Monthly Fees


Package Deal includes three years of monitor service and professional installation by Fisher's Off-Road. 


Managing your vehicle is fast and easy with intuitive Mobile Apps.  You can customize numerous features to your lifestyle from any computer, smart phone, tablet or web browser.

AL3RT Powersports GPS w/ 3 Years of Airtime